Italy quits from National Opera-House system.

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Liric Opera, likely the most apreciated italian immaterial cultural heritage in all the world, is going to be abandoned by Italian government.

Opera House “Carlo Felice” in Genova and “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” in Florence are in troubles and going toward the end of activities.

The reason is that italian politicians believe that keep spending for Opera doesn’t worth. They don’t consider the spending for Opera an investment for the future and they don’t consider keep spending in culture an investment at all. They simply consider this only a spending.

“Why should we continuing in spending for musical shows?”. That is the absurde question that italian politicians and mayors they usually make. They don’t have the awareness that italian Opera is not simply a “show”, but is one of the best “flags” of italian culture worldwide.

This could be considered fool and silly, talking about Italy, the country of the best cultural and historic heritage in all the world. Expecially talking about Liric Opera, the tipical italian art recognized as one the most important theatrical arts in all the world.

The are Opera House in all the world, from Europe to Americas, to Asia or Australia, and wherever are sustained by Governments. Even in USA where the Opera House are formally sustained by private investors, their investments are treated with tax reduction so the Central government renounces a substantial part of the tax revenue. An indirect form of public support also in United States.

Italian politicians they don’t consider Liric Opera a typical italian cultural heritage. They consider it just a kind of show like others.

So italian Opera houses are going to close and they are going to fire thousand of musicians and singers well apreciated all over the world. They are closing their scenic and costume laboratories and firing their experienced technicians.

This incredible decision by italians politicians (both conservative and left parties) sounds the more incredible the more you think that, because the economic crisis, Italy should use every single asset to invest in economic and social grow. And Lyric Opera (as Uffizi, Pompei, Colosseo and others) is one of the most usable for this purpose.

Anyway that’s what happening now in Italy. Artists are considered by politicians as “privileged parasites”.
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