“Too many Opera Houses in Italy” Said the president of the Culture Committee of the Italian Parliament

“Too many Opera Houses in Italy” Said the president of the Culture Committee of the Italian Parliament. You can read it here (in italian)

These are the italian Opera Houses sustained by State:
Teatro Regio di Torino, Carlo Felice di Genova, La Scala di Milano, Arena di Verona, La Fenice di Venezia, Teatro Verdi di Trieste, Comunale di Bologna, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino di Firenze, Opera di Roma, Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, San Carlo di Napoli, Teatro Massimo di Palermo, Teatro Petruzzelli di Bari, Fondazione Santa Cecilia di Roma.

The President Galan said that 14 Opera Houses in Italy are too many and Italian State cannot afford that spending.

For all the fourteen italian Opera Houses Italian Ministry of Culture spent something less than 190 mln Euros (a very little part of the entire state budget). Instead of considering that spending as an insufficient contribution for one of the best asset of the Nation (Opera Lirica), italian politicians consider this only a bare waste of money.

That is another proof of the sad decision that Italy is going to take: close Italian Opera Theater.

Italian educational system does not consider music as an important part of education. Italian children don’t learn reading music (exept for the music school) and they are not educated to go to theatre.

That’s why, nowadays, italians want to stop contribution for this such important italian art. That’s why Italy quits from National Opera Houses system firing thousand of his best artists. That’s why italian best artists are performing everywhere except Italy.

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